The Lady from Tel Aviv

The Lady from Tel Aviv

Author: Rabai al-Madhoun

Translator: Elliott Colla

Original language: Arabic

Published by: Telegram Books, 2013

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In the economy class of a plane, the lives of two passengers intersect: Walid Dahman, a Palestinian writer, is returning to his family in Gaza for the first time in thirty-eight years, and Dana Ahova, an Israeli actress, is on her way back to Tel Aviv. As the night sky hurtles past, what each confides and conceals will expose the chasm between them in the land they both call home.

The Lady from Tel Aviv is both a meditation on the nature of fiction and an incisive exploration of the effects of occupation on a people and what it is to be a Palestinian. Al-Madhoun’s precise, poetic use of language and sardonic humour bring home political realities and how people live them, on both sides of the checkpoints.

'Takes you to the height of reading pleasure' 
Elias Khoury