The Accident

The Accident

Author: Ismail Kadare

Translator: John Hodgson

Original language: Albanian

Published by: Canongate, 2010

Why did the taxi crash on the autobahn in Vienna?

Who exactly were Besfort Y and Rovena, the mysterious couple who died after being flung from the back seat?

How was Besfort connected to the war in the Balkans? And why was his affair with Rovena clouded in jealousy and mistrust?

Who wanted them dead?

This is the story of the last forty weeks of their lives - a fever dream where love and obsession collide.

'His fiction offers invaluable insights into life under tyranny... He is a great writer, by any nation's standards.'
Financial Times

'A master storyteller.' 
John Carey

'One of the great writers of our time.'