See You Tomorrow

See You Tomorrow

Author: Tore Renberg

Translator: Seán Kinsella

Original language: Norwegian

Published by: Arcadia Books, 2014

Over three fateful September days, the lives of eight unforgettable characters cross in a whirlwind of brutality, laughter, tragedy and love that will change them forever. Tore Renberg has written a fast-paced, moving and darkly funny page-turner about people who are trying to fill the holes in their lives, a messy love story with strong ties to the modern TV drama. Combining Nordic social realism and Western popular culture, horror and hope, metal music and literary marvels, See You Tomorrow is a startlingly original, eerie and hilarious novel about friendship, crime, loneliness and tragic death. See You Tomorrow is the first freestanding volume in a planned series of five novels. The second volume, From All Sides, will be published in Norway in 2014 and in the UK (by Arcadia) in 2015.