Her Mother's Hands

Her Mother's Hands

Author: Karmele Jaio

Translator: Kristin Addis

Original language: Basque

Published by: Parthian Books, May 2018

Have you ever had the feeling of not truly knowing your nearest and dearest? The precarious balance in the life of Nerea, a thirty-something journalist, breaks down when her mother, Luisa, is hospitalised with total amnesia. Nerea, who feels guilty for not having recognised the symptoms that afflicted her mother, now finds a person almost unknown to her. Luisa is haunted by memories of a romance from her youth and soon Nerea begins to discover that the two women share much more than they believe.

Her Mother’s Hands   is an examination of the deepest human bonds and a beautiful and moving tribute to life.

Amaren eskuak   is Jaio’s debut novel, and remains one of the bestselling books in the Basque literary scene in recent years. The novel has been adapted for the big screen, filmed by Mireia Gabilondo, and presented at the   Donostia Zinemaldia, the   San Sebastián International Film Festival.