Author: Carl Frode Tiller

Translator: Barbara J. Haveland

Original language: Nynorsk

Published by: Sort Of Books, 2015

David Hugsar has lost his memory so his psychiatrist places an advertisement in a newspaper inviting friends and relatives to share their memories of him. The resulting letters, reminiscences, and scenes offer an encircling narrative that reveals more about the intersecting young lives – the secret ambitions and bid for popularity among young Norwegians in a backwater town – than about David himself, the enigma at the heart of the novel.

Adolescent sexuality, boredom, filial guilt, violence and love all find their place in this dark, sometimes harrowing, yet deeply humane chronicle of Norwegian provincial life.  

A work of rare talent, drilling into human nature with sensibility, painful honesty and accurate prose.” Jo Nesbo

Encircling is part 1 of a trilogy: the first two stories have been published to acclaim in 2008 and 2010. The third is due to be released in Norway in 2014.