Bret Easton Ellis and the other dogs

Bret Easton Ellis and the other dogs

Author: Lina Wolff

Translator: Frank Perry

Original language: Swedish

Published by: And Other Stories, 2016

At a run-down brothel in Caudal, Spain, the prostitutes collect stray dogs. Each is named after a famous male writer: Dante, Chaucer, Bret Easton Ellis. When a john is cruel, the dogs are fed rotten meat. To the east, in Barcelona, an unflappable teenage girl traces the peculiarities of her life back to Alba Cambó, writer of violent short stories, who left Caudal as a girl and never went back.

Mordantly funny, dryly sensual, light of touch, the debut novel by Swedish sensation Lina Wolff is a black and Bolaño-esque take on the limitations of love in a dog-eat-dog world.