An Afghan Journey

An Afghan Journey

Author: Roger Willemsen

Translator: Stefan Tobler

Original language: German

Published by: Haus Publishing, 2007

A few months after 25 years of conflict came to an end in Afghanistan, Roger Willemsen accompanied a friend on her journey home from Kabul to Kunduz, through the legendary steppe to the river Oxus, the boundary of Tadzhikistan. This is a journal of his adventurous travels through an awakening country. Listening to the extraordinary tales of ordinary Afghanis, he witnesses, as the ‘first tourist’, a world until recently closed to the western world.

In a country racked by war and often misunderstood, Roger Willemsen documents life in a tribal Afghanistan, away from the western media spotlight, shedding light on the divisions, unrest, poverty and humanity of a people who have been oppressed by a succession of foreign invaders and state theocracy. He talks of their hopes for freedom, and the difficulties they are yet to encounter.

'Beautifully written and very poignant'
-The Good Book Guide

To launch the book, Roger Willemsen was in conversation with Amanda Hopkinson and Stefan Tobler in the Goethe Institute in February 2007.